A Surreal random act of kindness

6th April 2020


Covid-19 is changing the way we all behave and is also going to be putting the most vulnerable in society under even greater pressure.

Foodbanks, in particular, are being hit very hard during these days of panic buying so I’m looking to raise funds for both the Sunderland East End & Newcastle West End Foodbanks. 

The story about the Egg, it had been £550 and was on display in Fenwicks Newcastle, made by Charbonnel et Walker, one of Britain’s first and finest chocolatiers. It stands at about 500mm tall and has a circumference of about 1m. It’s a mountain of some of the best chocolate in the world.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Fenwicks (a Newcastle institution) had announced it was closing down during this period for the safety of both its staff and customers, as a consequence it was also reducing all of its easter products.

So how do I have it and what’s the plan?

Having literally called in for something for my dinner that evening, then wondering why the food hall was so busy?  I noticed in both the chaos and panic buying the easter products at discounted prices.

I also noticed this mother of all Easter Eggs Big Bertha (one of the biggest Easter Eggs in the Country) and its discounted price. Bargain, but there was no way I could eat it all but could there be a way that we could feed many more from this opportunity and some good news could come from both of these situations… I then cracked open a plan.

Make a donation, I have set a minimum donation of £1 but you can donate whatever amount you like. You can make multiple donations to increase your chances or just be a kind person and make one.

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